The Sugar Circle

Breakfast  Menu

At The Sugar Circle freshly baked breakfast is our thing.  We welcome you into our kitchen for breakfast Wednesday-Sunday.  We offer hand rolled and boiled bagels, cinnamon rolls, and breakfast sammies.


(Plain, sesame or everything)


Cream Cheese    + 1.50 

(Plain, chive or jalapeno)                  

Signature Sandwiches

The Classic  - Fresh cracked organic egg, cheese, bacon 4.50

Hot Mama  - Fresh cracked organic egg,  pepper jack cheese, grilled jalapeno spread, sliced tomato, bacon   5.95

The Summer Picnic  - Fresh cracked organic egg, spinach, sun dried tomato, mozzarella   5.95 


Foxy Loxy  - Chive cream cheese, sliced tomato, nova lox   6.95

The Dill- Our pickle cream cheese with ham $4.50


Sushi Bagel- Wasabi cream cheese, nova lox, pickled ginger and avocado 6.95

BLT- Classic bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo $5.95

Breakfast Quesadilla- Parmesan crusted tortilla, 3 cheeses, bacon, scrambled eggs and a sprinkle of jalapeno $5.25


Cinnamon Rolls -$3.50 each

   *Call ahead 815.337.3333 to have your breakfast made ahead!